My Journey as a Bikini Competitor

This week, you guys requested that I talk about my preparation as a bikini competitor. Well, let’s take it back to why I even decided to be a competitor to begin with. In 2016, I literally woke up one day and decided that I wanted to do a bikini competition. I didn’t make this decision because I wanted to win anything, I made it to challenge myself and see just how much my body could change during the process.

Competition training is NO JOKE. I compete in the largest fitness competition, so I take basically the entire year to prepare. I start cleaning up my diet in January and the show that I compete in is in November. When you are preparing for a show, you have to be 100% focused from the beginning. My goal was to take a year off (2017) and come back to compete in 2018, however, I had a wedding to plan and marrying my best friend that year was my main focus. Once 2018 was ending and 2019 was right around the corner, I decided I was ready. However, in January of 2019, I unfortunately lost my grandmother and that was extremely hard on me. I knew my focus would not be there so I decided to sit out 2018 as well. So, here we are in 2020. I am focused and SO excited to hit the stage. I know my Grandma B will be so proud watching me from above.


Yikes! I get those comments and questions often and I am here to tell you, I EAT! I eat 6-7 meals a day in my meal plan, including protein shakes. My meals include a lot of egg whites, spinach, kale, broccoli, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, white fish, chicken, and ground turkey. I have one “cheat” day a week, which I will usually have on Saturdays. Or, I will enjoy one cheat meal on Saturday and one cheat meal on Sunday. This early in the prep, I am not measuring my food as intensely but I am eating about every 2 hours. Once you get into the 12 week prep, it is a whole different process and gets much more strict. But yes, I STILL EAT!


I’ve always been the “go big or go home” type of person. So, instead of starting off small, I chose the biggest competition show. Now, I don’t think I could ever choose anything different. They say once you do one show, you become hooked, and that is a true statement. The feeling on stage knowing you worked so hard for that goal is everything! I would highly recommend doing Fitness America Weekend. If you are one of those people who have to start small first, there is nothing wrong with that at all. You can still check out the Fitness Universe tour locations and dates and start from there. I chose not to do the other shows because I personally prefer shows where “legs closed” are a requirement. The NPC bikini shows tend to pose with their legs open and I just don’t care for that too much, but of course as always, to each their own!


My go-to for the competition suit is Bilbo Sportswear! Their suits are amazing and super affordable. I got my last suit here and will be getting my one for 2020 here as well! Check out their Instagram here.

There are so many other elements that go in to preparing for a competition like this, but the most important thing of all is your focus. You have to be 100% focused. Your body will change weekly, you will get irritable from time to time, and it’s not cheap. Coaching yourself is definitely doable, but I highly recommend you get a coach, especially if it is your first show.

I’ll leave you with this bit of advice, if it is your first competition, don’t go in with an ego of wanting to “win”. Instead, go in with the mindset that you will be in the best shape of your life and you get to share that and also inspire others. That’s what I did. I had no intentions on winning. Placing in the top 5 of my first show for Ms. Bikini America was just the icing on the cake. Leave me a comment on my Instagram if you have more questions about competing and be sure to check out Fitness Universe here.

Ivy Park/Adidas Collab is Flawless!

Beyonce has completely slayed us all again with her Ivy Park/Adidas collab! If you were lucky enough to get your hands on this merch, you know exactly what I mean. The drop didn’t even last one day and to most, it was impossible to purchase anything unless you were a celebrity, known influencer, or had a really awesome husband who didn’t miss the drop (lucky me, lol :P). So let’s get into the real tea on this merch. Was it worth the wait? YES, YES, YES! I am always a fan of collabs that Adidas does with celebs like Pharrell Williams, but, I have to say, the Beyonce collab has been one of the best.

The merch I purchased includes the shrug, oversized tee shirt, biker shorts, tights, sports bra, and of course the shoes. Let’s get into the nitty gritty on how I felt about each of these items!


The shrug is super cute and flattering and pairs so well with the sports bra. I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to rock something like that, but surprisingly enough, it’s one of my favorite pieces from the collection. Here’s a helpful note: size up! I’m normally a small in tops but I went up to a medium just in case and it worked out perfectly.

Oversized Tee Shirt

YES! I am sometimes weird about oversized tee shirts but this one right here, I LOVE IT! It’s super soft and comfy. Although it is oversized, it doesn’t look “frumpy” like a lot of oversized shirts tend to look. I paired this up with the biker shorts and it looked amazing. Ladies, to be honest, this top will make for the perfect top for “that time of the month” if you know what I mean. Let’s be real, when it’s the time of the month, I hate wearing fitted clothing but when I’m going out and still want to be cute, this top is perfect and flattering.

Biker Shorts

The biker shorts are a MUST HAVE! These are super cute! I love the mesh sides and the fact that they are high waisted. They give you a cute booty, too! 😉


Okay, so I LOVE these tights but I wish they were a little more high waisted. Also, I’m 5’3 so sometimes tights/leggings can be a little long on me. I did find myself having to pull them up quite a bit. I do love the design and they are so soft and comfy. But, they seem to be just a little see-through. So, if you are one of those who feel uncomfy about that, these may not be the tights for you. They fit pretty true to size as well.

Sports Bra

OMG! The sports bra is my absolute favorite out of the entire collection that I received. I am a 34B and the size medium fits great! I wish all of my sports bras fit like this one. There is so much support and again, it looks awesome with the shrug.

Ultra Boost Shoes

YAS!!!! Of course the shoes tie in the whole collection. Ultra Boost sneakers are always super comfortable, but, these are my faves! The most comfortable shoe ever. If you don’t have a pair of Ultra boost sneakers, you are not treating your feet like they should be treated.

Final Thoughts

Yes, the collection was pricey, but, what did you expect? I personally thought the prices were very reasonable for such a huge collab. TOTALLY worth the investment. I am in love with all of my pieces and cannot wait to rock them. Since I haven’t worked out in these items yet, I have not done a “squat check”. If you would like an update on that detail, leave me a comment on my Instagram and be sure to check out my visual lookbook! Job well done to Adidas and Ivy Park for nailing it with this collection! I would normally recommend to go buy this collection now, but it’s completely sold out! Your best bet is to try another site like Stock X or Poshmark to see if you can get your hands on it that way. Good Luck!

Workout Wigs? Yay or Nay?

Is it worth it to work out in a wig? I work out 5 to 6 days a week and I’m still trying to figure out the answer to that question. When I was wearing sew in weaves regularly, it was easy to just throw it in a ponytail, throw on a scarf, and get my work out in. Now that I am wearing wigs as a protective style, I wonder, is it worth it to put on a wig just to work out?  Of course we want to look cute and feel our best when we are exercising, but I just don’t see the value in it! You may say, “Umm don’t knock it til you try it, sis.” Trust me, I have! I even have “workout wigs” in my collection. I will say, I do feel a lot cuter when I have on my long wig and I’m rocking my cute outfit at the same time. But, honey, it is TOO HOT!

Okay, so what about a drawstring ponytail? Well, now we’re talking! I love throwing on a cute ponytail because it’s not hot. However, my biggest fear with that, is that it isn’t secure enough and just pops right off. How embarrassing would that be? Yikes.

Funny story: I always want to look as cute as possible when I am in pole dance training so I wore one of my “workout wigs” to my Exotic Polography class taught by amazing pole dance instructor, Wendy Lee. Let me tell you, Wendy has us doing shoulder rolls and all types of fun tricks. I was learning the trick known as the “Crocodile” and my workout wig was NOT ready. The wig was distracting me from getting the trick, so I got up, snatched my wig off (yes in front of everyone), and tossed it in my bag and headed back to my pole. Can you imagine some girl in booty shorts and a sports bra snatching off her own wig in a full pole dance class?! I did not care! That was the day that I said, it is just not worth it to me to try and rock a wig in a pole dance class. Unless I break out the ponytail, I may just be sticking to my little bun and keeping it moving.

Now, don’t get me wrong, if I am coming from somewhere and heading straight to my work out and I just so happen to be wearing my wig, sure, I throw a bandana or hat on and work out. One place I absolutely will not wear a wig is hot yoga. I did wear a ponytail once and that was not so bad, but wearing a wig in hot yoga just doesn’t work for me.

IF you are one of those people that absolutely have to wear a wig to workout, I have provided links below to my wig reviews that I think would work great for you! Drop me a line on my social media and let me know what you think about wearing wigs when you work out!

Perfect Workout Wigs

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The Hottest Workout Spots in LA

It’s almost the end of January! Are you holding up to your New Year’s Resolution of working out? This week I want to share with you my favorite workouts in Los Angeles. You might ask, “What if I’m not in LA?”. Have no fear! One or more of the workouts below might be accessible in your area. So sit back, take notes, and get ready to sweat!


Ah, my absolute favorite! JukGyal is a dancehall class and full body workout created solely for women by MTV Award winning Choreographer, Jae Blaze. Every time I go to this class, it’s extremely challenging, very empowering, and so much fun. I’m telling you I LOVE THIS CLASS! It’s the epitome of #workingoutbutnotreally.

If you’re lucky enough to get in a JukGyal class in your area, you MUST! Check out the JukGyal Instagram to see when a class is in your area! I take JukGyal classes at G Train Fitness in Valley Village, CA on Saturdays at 12:30PM. Book your spot in advance online! 


Some people like to assume that you don’t really get a great workout doing yoga. You would be surprised by how many people look at me like I am crazy when I tell them that yoga is one of my primary workouts that keeps me in shape! So many times, I have literally been asked, “Aren’t you just laying there?”.

The truth is, yoga is one of the most challenging workouts that I do 4-5 days a week. On top of that, it’s the HOT kind! Don’t worry you’re not going to pass out. I personally prefer Hot Yoga over traditional yoga. It’s great for your muscles, mind, and, so much more.

I go to Hot 8 Yoga in Sherman Oaks, CA. My favorite classes include Yoga Barre, Yin, and Yoga Sculpt. Yoga Barre is my absolute fave! If you come from the dance world, this class is perfect for you. Yoga Sculpt is also wonderful and you really see results fast. I love to incorporate Yin classes into my routine to get a nice stretch from all of the work I have done through the week.

Hot Yoga is simply amazing! You just have to go in with an open mind, embrace the heat, and know just you’re not going to faint. 😉 Don’t forget to BRING WATER!

Check out HOT 8 YOGA here.


But wait, isn’t pole dancing for strippers? No! I have been doing pole dancing at BeSpun in Hollywood for 3 months now and I LOVE IT! You get an amazing workout and you grow more confidence in yourself and your body. It’s becoming one of my favorite workouts and is actually one of the most difficult I have ever done. It takes so much upper body strength and let me tell you, no matter how often or how heavy I have lifted, it’s NOTHING compared to the strength needed for this class.

I’ve taken a few pole dance classes in the past at a various gyms and studios, but now that I’ve started at Bespun, I’m convinced that I’ve finally found the right place that teaches authentic pole dance technique. And they even offer beginner classes! In the beginner class, instructors are very thorough and helpful, but also challenge you. I have talked to so many people about my pole dance journey and many have have responded with, “I’m scared.” There’s no reason to be scared! It’s such an amazing form of fitness and a huge confidence booster.

Check out Bespun here.

Can’t find these classes in your area? That’s okay, try something else! Don’t be afraid to try new things and challenge your body in different ways. I’ts good for you. 🙂 Since I am competing in the Ms. Bikini America competition this year, I’m looking forward to challenging MY body with a variety of different and new workout formats!

Have a workout you think I should check out? Send me a DM on IG!

The Bel-Air Athletics Collection is EVERYTHING

I was able to get my hands on some of Will Smith’s Bel-Air Athletics merch and I am in love with all of it. If you’re a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air fan like me, you will literally want everything on the website.

So, let’s get down to the tea on Bel-Air Athletics. Is it really worth the hype? ABSOLUTELY! The quality is amazing, the prices are reasonable, and you get really cool add-on items with your purchase, including an authenticity certificate. Shipping takes about 3-4 weeks to get your order, but don’t worry, they have the best customer service ever!

This merch that I got my hands on is just incredible. I love every. single. thing. I received, but the hoodie is my FAVE! It’s definitely a must have in your wardrobe. Have questions about something specific I got? Hit me up on IG and ask away. Want to see these pieces in action? Check out my visual lookbook!

If you want to get your hands on some Bel-Air Athletics swag, check out the website ASAP! Item sell out fast!

Thanks for checking out this week’s blog and enjoy the look book! Until next time, Love Ya’ll!